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Who We Are

Emveep is a wholly owned subsidiary of WGSH, a reputable company based in Indonesia.

With a strong presence in the industry since 2006, We provide innovative solutions for artists to monetize their artwork through NFT Launchpad Platform

Meaning of Artwork

Artwork is any creative expression that communicates your vision, passion, and personality.

It can be a photograph, a comic, a cartoon, a painting, a song, an illustration, or anything else that you create with your skills and imagination.

For Artist

Suitable for a Widely of Artists


Capture the beauty of the world with a camera and sell photos as NFTs.


Express colors and shapes that showcase talent and imagination.

Comic Writer

Comic strips or graphic novels that attract and engage the audience.


Animated cartoons, memes, or gifs that go viral


Songs, albums, or playlists that showcase genre and style.

Digital Artist

3D models, VR/AR experiences, or generative art that push the boundaries of creativity.


Artist join the lunchpad


Collector in the market


Art ready to mint

For Artist

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Launch your artwork with ease and secure

Get More Money

Seek opportunities to generate additional revenue.

Opportunity for Being Promoted

Artwork that has the best value will have the opportunity to be promoted to the Binance platform.

A Hassle-Free Mint with Development Support

Provide additional support to artists for support their projects such as creative team design and developer.

Authenticity & Copyright Protection

Our NFT Launchpad keeps your creations secure.

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